Episode 5

Teaching the next generation of Open Source Technology Managers at Brandeis University, with Ken Udas and Georg Link


April 2nd, 2021

31 mins 17 secs

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Ken Udas

Georg Link


Hello and welcome to Impactful Open Source, the podcast where we talk about using open source code to make an impact on the world at large, in particular through cities, universities, or governments. Today, I have two special guests, Ken Udas, who is the Program Officer at Open Source Technology Management Program at Brandeis University, where he has been founding a new course on open source, and Georg Link, one of the teachers there and the Director of Sales at Bitergia and Founder of the CHAOSS Project. We will learn all about the program at Brandeis University and how it works and the how the courses were designed into three areas. Also, we find out how Brandeis fits into the open source ecosystem in the next five to ten years and the flexible model they are using to help. Download this episode now to find out more!

[00:01:25] Ken tells us about the program at Brandeis University and how it works.

[00:03:55] Richard asks Ken to clarify about his motivations. Since open source program offices are run by one or two people, there’s not many in the world and it’s a problem, so what he’s trying to solve is figuring out how do we get more people to run these offices, and he’s not trying to get more people making open source software.

[00:06:54] Ken and Georg share with us the hands-on stuff they are teaching the students, about the mentors they have, and how they designed the courses in three areas: Community, Production, and Business.

[00:12:05] Richard asks Georg if all of the resources are open source, if it’s all viewable anywhere, and if he can see the presentation mock-ups.

[00:13:25] Richard wonders what’s the level of open source that Ken and Georg work with. Georg tells us about the experts that he’s pulled in when he designed the community. We also learn how many students they have.

[00:17:16] Ken tells us how he thinks Brandeis will fit into the open source ecosystem in the next five to ten years. He explains a model that they put together to be flexible.

[00:23:25] Georg mentions one of the cool things he’s noticed just from the first few courses is the importance of connecting the learners with open source ecosystem.

[00:25:01] Richard wants to know how they realized that there’s nobody to do this work, and how did they have the idea to have a university course.

[00:29:36] Find out where you can learn more about the program and where you can find Ken and Georg on the internet.