Episode 4

Using the Open Source Project Lutece to serve the City of Paris, with Philippe Bareille


January 11th, 2021

29 mins 34 secs

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Philippe Bareille

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Hello and welcome to Impactful Open Source, the podcast where we talk about starting with source code and ending with societal change. Today, my special guest is Philippe Bareille, who works for the city of Paris as a Technical Project Manager. We learn all about the Lutece Project, how many people work on the project and in general for the city, what it does for the citizens in Paris, how the governance works, and how are they collaborating internationally using open source with Johns Hopkins University and the city of Budapest. As a city, Paris has an obligation to provide services effectively to its citizens - here, we talk about how it is using open source to do that effectively. Download this episode now to find out more!

  • [00:01:00] Philippe introduces himself and he talks about how big his department is and what he does there.
  • [00:02:07] We learn all about the Lutece Project from Philippe, and he tells us that they've open sourced the entire CMS.
  • [00:05:13] Find out what Lutece does for the citizens.
  • [00:10:28] Richard wonders how Philippe makes sure the maintenance doesn’t cost too much and if he collaborates with other cities and other people on this platform. Philippe also talks about how the governance works and how Budapest is collaborating with them.
  • [00:14:02] Since Budapest is in Hungary, Richard is curious as to what language the docs are written in and if Philippe is working with any cities in English speaking countries. Philippe does mention they are currently working with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.
  • [00:16:10] Philippe tells us a success story with Lutece.
  • [00:18:25] Richard is curious to know how Philippe keeps the project from running into bureaucratic roadblocks and how does he get the coders to set their roadmaps and align with the bureaucrat’s roadmap for what needs to go on because it sounds like it would be difficult.
  • [00:21:26] Philippe tells us how many people he has working in the immediate project, how many people in general for the city, and how many contributors are on the program, which is on GitHub.
  • [00:22:40] Richard asks Philippe is he’s ever hired anyone who’s just contributed to the project to keep working on the project because they’ve just done a good job, even if it’s not necessarily in Paris.
  • [00:26:09] Find out here where you can get involved, where to learn more about Lutece, and more about Philippe, who is also a photographer for rock bands.